We are very excited to introduce you to Rosewood Estates Winery & Meadery, producers of the delicious local honey found in a number of Stasis products and the raw wildflower honey for sale in-store and online.

The Roman family has been keeping bees on their land for 3 generations. William Roman Senior, grandfather of current owner Kristyna Roman, started beekeeping in Ukraine in the 1930s.

William brought his love of bees to Canada and 80 years later the Roman family continue his life’s passion with their wildflower honey and unique meads (the world’s first form of alcohol).

Working with bees is a very special form of farming. Not only are bees tiny, but they can hurt! Bees are very fragile and it takes a great deal of work to ensure they are happy, healthy, and surviving. It’s by being attentive and gentle with their bees that makes Rosewood honey some of the best tasting honey around.

Stasis is proud to carry Rosewood Estate’s raw wildflower honey, and to use it in many of our products including our much loved black walnuts and honey.


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