Introducing Everspring Farms Ltd., producers of ducks, geese, grains and seeds.

Owners Dale and Marianne grew up farming and started with a modest flock of 200 geese to gain some independence from family operation of traditional farming.

Dale and Marianne built a government-inspected processing plant and now have an impressive integrated operation involving hatcheries, growers, and distributors. A second generation has recently become involved in the functional food portion of the business where Everspring Farms sprout, dry, and mill sprouted grains and seeds.

Everspring Farms is in niche with ducks, geese, and sprouted grains. They have products most likely to be found in specialty and consumer driven markets, rather than large supermarkets.

Stop by Stasis Deli & Pantry and try Everspring Farms’ ducks and geese in one of our delicious ready-made meals. Just heat and enjoy!

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