Stasis, sta·sis

/ˈsteɪsɪs, ˈstæsɪs/ [stey-sis, stas-is] noun, plural sta·ses  /ˈsteɪsiz, ˈstæsiz/[stey-seez, stas-eez]
1. the state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces.
2. Held in time at the peak of its season, seasonal local preserves.

The Stasis Promise:

jar We use seasonal local ingredients to produce the highest quality, best tasting, freshest, and most nutritious foods possible
jar We source from small local farms and artisans to support hard working family farmers that feed our cities
jar We preserve with only the finest, most delicious seasonal ingredients, including our vinegars and spices
jar We source the best foods available to support you and your family’s health, as well as the local community
jar We strive to offer you delicious options for any occasion, as well as outstanding customer service to help you choose food pairings to create a great snack, appetizer, meal, or dessert


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Foodland Stasis Preserves is Certified by Foodland Ontario

What a great shop!–Elizabeth and Steve

It is great to see a commitment to sourcing local products from your business.–Marilyn

My husband and I purchased a jar of your pear and roasted garlic chutney at the St Lawerence market and LOVE it!–Matt and Chris